Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Work from Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson has some new work up on his blog including his pieces for an exhibition on the theme of FEAR at the Amersham Arms (New Cross) on the 7th December and at the Lock Tavern (Camden) on the 15th December curated by both Clinic Collective and Bear Gami.

The show also features Jack Teagle, Kate Copeland, and a possible new Just Us member Lydia Sheriff.

Jack's worst fear would be "a combination of all my allergies, Pollen, Chlorine and Cats placed into one situation that I hope will never occur, it would most likely be the end of me."

Also check out his image that tells the tale of a motorbike hero that helps to save a small English town from the evil secret police. For the the Secret Service exhibition at Rotopol in Kassel

Jack has also given an insight into how he produces some of his work. A few scans from the sketchbook work that was used to create the piece is on his blog and is really nice to see.

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