Wednesday, 25 November 2009


vis/res is a new publication produced 6 times a year to showcase emerging talent in graphic design and illustration. Each issue has a central theme and features contributing work from 10 designers & illustrators.

vis/res is a product of our very own Craig Matchett and features work from Phil Kiel and Tim George. The first issue which is a run of 100 can be brought from the website for a meager £3.

vis/res aims to bring something fresh to the zine market with an emphasis on crisp, clear design & beautiful print finishes. When you add to that a range of talented and exciting image-makers contributing to each issue, vis/res is a compelling new publication.

Check out vis/res's site, flickr, twitter and facebook, also contact them at If your are interested in submiting work for the next issue for vis/res.

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