Monday, 30 November 2009

Jack Teagle win's "Draw me a Cover"

As you may know anorak magazine recently launched the 'Draw me a cover' competition in the Summer amongst art students from around the world. Anorak selected the best 20 from the many submissions and got together with their 'little art directors' friends at Arnold House School to pick the lucky winner.. Congrats to Jack Teagle!!

This is what the little art directors had to say about it: "it's colourful and cheerful. (...) It really stands out. (...) It's well drawn, detailed and bright in colours. (...) It's great because everyone enjoys snow fights. (...) It's interesting because you wouldn't normally see a fox wearing a jacket. (...) The blue white and green goes well with that size. (...) Good detail in the background." Ace!

In other Teagle news, Jack has just been published in Nobrow Issue 2: The Jungle which looks really good, I cant contain myself i really want to have it in my hands!

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